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OSM Mapper

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A screenshot of OSM Mapper displaying highways in Bristol.

OSM Mapper is a free to use product developed by ITO World, a partner in Ideas in Transit, to enable user monitoring and analysis of data from OpenStreetMap, Geograph and other data collection projects.



OSM Mapper allows users to monitor changes to content within defined geographical areas and to analyse different aspects of the data. Users are able to: view contributions by different users; monitor recent user sessions (RSS feeds available); view the geographical spread of particular tags (e.g. highway, railway, waterway); view changes to the data over time; produce lists of street names, schools etc.


OSM Mapper was launched by ITO World in 2008 and was developed with support from Ideas in Transit.


Osm planet.jpg
'A Year of Edits' image for the planet created in OSM Mapper showing OSM edits made in 2008.

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