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OpenCycleMap provides mapping suitable for cyclists based on OpenStreetMap data.



The cycle map is rendered using Mapnik from OpenStreetMap data. It provides national, regional and local cycling routes, and also includes information on cycle parking, toilets and other useful information for cyclists. The zoomable map can be used for an overview of the National Cycle Network or alternatively, by zooming in, it can be used to plan local cycle journeys. The product renders maps using Mapnik and presents it using Open Layers. It is updated weekly in line with any additions made to OpenStreetMap.

OpenCycleMap images are available from the main OpenStreetMap project website and also from many other applications, including CycleStreets. OpenCycleMap.jpg


OpenCycle Map was developed by Andy Allan from his 'gravitystorm' domain and was first released in July 2007[1]. Originally only available for the UK, coverage has expanded over time, first to Europe and then beyond (details needed). Andy now works for Cloud Made who also sponsor OpenCycleMap.

Functionality has increased over time and the availability of cycle mapping has encouraged more people to collect data for their areas (citation needed).

Future development

With the continued input of data into the OpenStreetMap project from around the world the usefulness and scale of the Cycle Map will continue to expand.

External Links

OpenCycleMap website


  1. OpenStreetMap Cycle Map
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