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My Commute Sucks

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My Commute Sucks is a website that aggregate complaints about the state of transportation infrastructure in the United States. It aims to influence the upcoming 2009 Transportation Bill that is set to be debated in the US Congress in the coming months.



The site aggregates complaints about potholes, driving conditions, long waits, lack of alternative transportation options and other transport issues with the aim to influence the upcoming 2009 Transportation Bill.

Users can share transport related stories, photos or videos on the site. Users can also use Twitter to tweet about their bad commute experiences, which automatically feeds to the website, by using the hashtag #mycommutesucks.

The My Commute Sucks site also encourages users to sign a petition to the US Congress asking for improvments to transport.


My Commute Sucks is a project of Transportation for America and was launched in May 2009.

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