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MyTTC is a multi-modal routing application for Toronto, Canada.



A community developed trip planner for public transport using Iroquois and OpenStreetMap.

The creators of MyTTC found that the information on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) site was lacking in both quality and quantity. Since TTC has to publish its transport data online, it was collected and shaped into the product known as MyTTC, which not only checks walk distances, which are sorely lacking from many similar programs, but will utilise all forms of transport necessary to move about within Toronto in the same trip. [1]

MyTTC can be accessed on mobile devices with a custom iPhone web UI, and plans are in place to release a native iOS app. [2]

MyTTC is powered by Iroquois, and was written with Ruby and C.


This idea developed out of the Toronto Transit Camp in 2007.[3]

It originally used Graphserver as its routine engine before moving to Iroquois in December 2009 which was written for the site.[4]


MyTTC is developed by Kieran Huggins and Kevin Branigan of refactory, after meeting at the first Toronto Transit Camp held on February 3, 2007.

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