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MyPolice is an innovation focused on providing contact and communication between police forces and the communities they police.



MyPolice was set up with the aim of aiding tax payers get the full value from the police services they fund through taxes. It has space for feedback on people's interactions with the police, while giving police a chance to respond. [1] At the moment MyPolice is only fully rolled out across Tayside as part of its pilot, but it can take crime stories from all over the UK.

MyPolice has finished its pilot in Tayside and is developing a second version in light of what they have learnt.[2]


Established at Social Innovation Camp 2009, it was developed over 18 months into the product it is now. [3]

With the release of the Police crime maps and data at My Police (note the name differences) there has been some debate and concern over the similarity of names. [4] This was resolved by the new service moving to, and becoming known as, [].

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