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Mixed Reality Architecture

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Mixed Reality Architecture aims to reduce business travel by providing a virtual space that links offices in different locations.



The Mixed Reality Architecture prototype uses technology developed by the Mixed Reality Lab (MRL) to combine video, audio and 3D interaction to produce an environment that integrates physical and virtual spaces. The aim being to continually and simultaneously connect multiple offices and reduce the requirement for business travel. Each user, or user group, is identified as a virtual office displayed on a large LCD screen or wall projection. By moving around within the shared online space, users can establish connections with one or more other offices.


Mixed Reality Architecture is a project of the Mixed Reality Lab and the Bartlett School of Architecture at the University of Nottingham.

As of 14 December 2009, the Mixed Reality Architecture website states that version 2 is in development. Version 2 will have new features and increased audio quality.

Mixed Reality Architecture was demonstrated at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.[1]

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