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Mission:Explore Gorilla

Mission:Explore creates and maintains a host of irreverent missions for people to take part in. By doing so, it is hoped that people's awareness of their surroundings and begin to think about the issues involved in them.



Mission:Explore has 3 published books filled with missions, as well as a website.


Mission:Explore is run by the Geography Collective.

Mission:Explore's coding is done by The Workshop.


Mission:Explore was realised in 2009 for the first GeoVation competition, which Mission:Explore won and obtained funding that has helped the idea develop into what it is today.

The GeoVation money was spent on coders at The Workshop which created their website and iPhone app.

Mission:Explore also entered the 2011 GeoVation competition - How can we improve transport in Britain? - and were again winners, with further funding to continue to develop the product.

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