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Metro quest

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MetroQuest is a planning tool. It creates a projection of a city in 2040 based on decisions made about how it develops in the present.



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MetroQuest is a tool for estimating the future of cities. Using over a decade of research and and working with clients, MetroQuest generates maps and graphs to show the future ramifications of policy decisions made in the present. It has been used to help many cities with their planning, including Denver (CO, USA), Manchester (UK) and Yellowknife (NA, Canada).

MetroQuest is a useful tool as it is able to show the long term affects of the decisions before they are made, helping people to choose the best future for their cities.


In Winnipeg, Mantioba, usage of MetroQuest showing people a comparative future of low-density and high-density housing lead to the stakeholders present seeing the benefits of high-density housing. [1]

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