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A screenshot of Ipswich, Suffolk, in Mapumental.

Mapumental allows users to buy isochrone maps of public transport journey times, house prices and 'scenicness'.



Mapumental allows users to enter a postcode and then creates a map centred on that location. Users can then use slide bars to determine areas on the map that are a certain time away from that location by public transport, within a certain house price range and a certain level of 'scenicness'. This is currently best at helping users work out where else they might live to have a better daily commute but fureture features plan to expand this usage.

The maps are produced using OpenStreetMap data. The public transport data comes from Traveline's National Public Transport Data Repository and was captured in October 2008 and features rail, bus, coache, the underground, tram and ferry travel. House price data comes from a list of domestic property sale recorded with the Land Registry for England and Wales between the start of January 2008 and the end of March 2009. There are no house prices available in Scotland due to the cost of access to this data. Scenicness is bassed on people voting on photos of Britain, from Geograph, on the website ScenicOrNot.[1]

API licenses are also available for websites to display the isochrone maps.[2]


Mapumental is produced by MySociety in partnership with Channel 4's 4iP. It was based on MySociety's Travel Time Maps and launched to closed beta in June 2009, with anyone able to request an invite.[3] Originally it was free to use and create isochrone maps with it. Since then it has moved from 4iP's web space to its own domain and has changed to a paid model where users can pay for a number of maps, and then create them.

Future developments

Planned future features for Mapumental include:[1]

  • Enabling multiple centres, so users can see places to live within 40 minutes of two different places of work

2012 Status

Mapumental has changed a lot since its inception, now operating as a for profit service offered to companies than as a tool for the public. This change may have come about when the 4iP scheme, which originally funded Mapumental, came to an end. There are offers for reselling, large volumes of maps, and customised API calls for websites. Notable customers are Foxton, who Mapumental have been providing maps for since late 2011, a large online real estate site, which won an award for website design in late 2010.[4]

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