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Map Warper

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Map Warper in use.

Map Warper is a free, open source, map orthorectifier.



Map Warper is a free service which allows the user to create an account to which photos, maps and other images can be uploaded and then rectified so that the images are of use in mapping. The maps can be given tags to help search them. The rectified image can then be saved in a variety of formats such as .kml to use in Google Maps and Google Earth and the .png and .tif image formats.


Map Warper was developed by Tim Waters, a freelance geospatial developer, in response to his own desire to create a free geodataset of Roman Britain[1].


Written by Tim Waters, Warper was created to give OpenStreetMap surveyors a way to collect and use ground control points. Warper has gained many features since its release, such as being able to export in a wider variety of formats as well as the tagging of images. At time of writing Map Warper has over 600 publicly available rectified images.

An instance of Map Warper is being run for the New York Public Library's map collection.[2]


Warper is a useful tool for comparing and rectifying images. As it stores the maps online one will have access to them as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it is useful for those plotting aerial photo data or comparing maps of different scales and/or orientations.

External Links

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  2. NYPL Warper - New York Public Library
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