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A MapMe screenshot. source

MapMe is a community mapping project that allows users to create personal, private and community focused points of interest maps using a Google Map base.



Users create maps by placing markers on a Google Map base to which comments, photos and video can be attached. As well as creating personal maps users can also group together to produce community made maps.

Data from any MapMe map can be exported as a .kml or .gpx file for use in Google Earth and GPS devices. RSS feeds are also available for any map notifying of the 25 most recent markers.


MapMe was created by Robert Rawson, John McCann and Robin Metcalfe and launched in 2008. The three operate in different parts of the world, Anartica (sic), Australia and the UK respectively. [1]

It took a number of programmers from around the world about 6 months to create using open source software including the CAKE rapid development framework and the Google Maps API. Although originally envisioned as having a tourism and activities focus users have adapted MapMe for many personal uses.

Future development

Intended future features include the ability to create trails on maps and the release of a Facebook Application.

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