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London Cycle Map

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Single London Cycle Map Campaign Logo

The London Cycle Map was thought up when Simon Parker got lost on a bicycle in London. It uses colour-coded routes to guide cyclists across the capital.



The product is a single map that covers all cycle routes across London. Currently there is no single map or list of cycle routes.

This unified map would use colour coded lines that cross London. Hot colours go east-west with cold colours taking the north-south routes. Lines of the same colour do not cross so all a cyclist needs to remember to get across the capital is the colours to turn onto.


The map is the brainchild of Simon Parker. [1]


Created in 1999 by Simon Parker, in the years since he has refined his idea. [1]

Cycling Lifestyle Magazine found the map and started a public campaign to get the map adopted as the official cycle map of London.

The campaign to have it adopted as the official cycle map of London entered the 2011 GeoVation contest - How to improve transport in Britain - and won funding and the approval of the Ordnance Survey. [2]

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