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London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner

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A screen shot of the London Bus application for download in the Itunes store.



An iPhone and iPod Touch app that provides information on London buses. Main app features:

  • Integrated Transport for London Planner
  • 599 Bus route details (main day & night time network)
  • 20,000 Bus stop details
  • Geolocation capabilities

The app follows standard Apple Human User Interface Guidelines with an emphasis on making the Greater London bus system more easily understood & usable.

The underlying data that drives the app was collated from a range of online sources. A large part of the development effort was spent assembling, merging & cleaning the required data.


The London Bus app is created by Malcom Barclay.


London Bus 1.0 was submitted to the iTunes App Store on 29th April 2009 and released for download on 10th May 2009. The title of the application was later expanded to 'London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner' in a effort to further describe it's functionality.

London Bus 1.1 was released on the 17th May 2009 with a number of route inaccuracies corrected.

Version 1.2 was released on the 29th May 2009. In response to user feedback regarding the UI and general experience. A new tab was added called 'Routes', the ability to delete history and switch from & to locations.

The current version is 2.1, which added the ability to report data errors as well as viewing bus stop locations on a Google Maps map.

A small percentage of route inaccuracies still exist in the app, this has been traced to duplicate route numbers for different start & end destinations (i.e same route numbers being used several or more times for completely different routes). Corrections for these are planned in a future release.


London Bus made the top 50 paid for apps in the iTunes UK Store within its first week of release, selling for £1.19. The price was dropped to 59p 10 days after release and remains in the top 100 as of this writing.

Many positive reviews have been received for the app, with people generally commenting on its ability to plan routes, usefulness in learning unknown routes and tracking ones progress whilst on the bus.

Malcolm Barclay claims London Bus (and his other apps) have received negative reviews deliberately planted by Presselite, a competitor. Other negative reviews have focused on route accuracy and questionable journey plans from Transport for London.

The app has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 rating.

External Links

Follow this link to see the BBC technology journalist Rory Cellan-Jones interview Malcolm Barclay and others about developing iPhone apps.


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