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London Bus

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Screengrab from iPhone overlaid with fast-food outlet locations

London Bus is an iPhone application providing bus journey planning and augmented reality showing points of interest for the London area.



The LondonBus app is officially licensed from Transport for London (TfL) by Presslite, the company behind the application.

LondonBus includes both bus and tube data for London, with real-time news updates to keep its user notified of the latest developments. The application can also perform routing calculations using the London public transport infrastructure, which can then be saved for future reference.

Points of Interest are also shown on this application, with coverage of the whole of the UK able to be purchased to enhance the app's coverage.


The London Bus app was created by Presslite and launched in 2009.

In 2009 Skyhook Wireless selected London Bus as a one of their case studies into location based applications.

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