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The Loco2 homepage. source

Loco2 aims to provide simple European train travel information and booking to people.



Loco2 is a website that aims to make Europe by train easy. With a blog, train travel forum and pan-European Journey Search for international train travel the website is making a big push to make the process of booking European trains simpler, quicker, and altogether more straightforward. The founding siblings Kate and Jamie Andrews are passionate train travellers and want to make it accessible to everyone, both in terms of ease of booking and in terms of price.


Loco2 was started by Kate Andrews in May 2006 when she was finishing her studies at Sussex University and planning her gap year. She was frustrated by the lack of information about low carbon travel and wanted to create a website where like-minded individuals could find inspiration for their travels. The first iteration of the Loco2 website was an inspirational site for low carbon adventure travel. In the interim years the team have narrowed their offering to become European train specialists.

From 2008-2010 while Kate was circumnavigating the world by boat and train, Jamie Andrews became managing director of Loco2 and steered the business into its current form. Loco2 is an online company run out of an office in East London. The team is comprised of sibling duo Jamie and Kate, an off-site web development team and in-house creative staff. The website is built in Ruby on Rails.

In April 2012 Mark Smith, The Man in Seat Sixty-One, has teamed up with Loco2 to aid in product development as well as help share his knowledge of rail travel on the site.[1]


Loco2 was founded in May 2006. Kate Andrews came up with the name and the tag line 'low carbon travel adventures' and won £1000 in a social innovation competition to take the idea forward.

Kate then put the business on hold in summer 2006 to travel across Europe for 4 months. In August 2007 she departed to navigate the globe by land and sea, updating the blog en route. During this time Jamie Andrews took over the running of the business and narrowed the focus in order to become European train specialists. Kate returned in 2010 at which point they have both took an active role in the management of the business.

On April 2, 2012, Loco2 announced their use of a SOAP API to allow users to book, buy, and print their tickets all from the Loco2 website.[2]

Loco2 is currently working on improving its user forums as a means to disseminate train information and answer questions people may have.[1]


The website aims to make travelling by train to and within Europe easier by offering intuitive web design, relevant blog articles and an interactive train travel forum. It has managed to be the first UK based Eurorail website that sells tickets directly to its users.[3]

2012 Status

Loco2 had major announcements by Easter: the ability to buy rail tickets from their website rather than just search for journeys, and the partnership with Seat 61 a very well respected train travel site. As air fairs rise and people become more aware of the hassles of check in it is no surprise that Loco2 is expanding and finding new users.

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