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The LightLane proof-of-concept prototype.

LightLane is a bike attachment that provides the user with a personal laser bike lane for nighttime use.



The LightLane product is a lighting system that creates a virtual cycle path around your bike at night. It attaches to the rear of the bike and generates a line of light on either side of the bike to delineate a personal bike lane area. It is designed to make the bike more visible to motorists in the dark and to encourage cars to keep a safe distance.


LightLane was conceived, designed and built by Alex Tee and Evan Grant of Altitude innovation firm. It was originally created as an entry for a design competition to promote commuting by bicycle. Although it did not win, support for the product encouraged its continued development.

The LightLane product is currently in the proof-of-concept prototype testing stage. A final product is expected by the end of 2009.

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