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Life Cycle Uk

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Life Cycle UK is a charity which aims to help people take up cycling.



Life Cycle UK aims to inspire people and to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make cycling part of their everyday lives. It runs practical activities such as cycle training for children, teenagers and adults, teaching them to cycle skills and safety.

It also organises awareness-raising events, provides help with bike maintenance, provides cycle maps and other literature and also organises conferences and seminars. Life Cycle UK also sells refurbished bikes at low prices. The bikes are refurbished by inmates at HMP Bristol.[1]

LifeCycleUK has a good collection of books, including Haynes Manual, on cycling as well as maps which can be ordered for a small fee to cover shipping costs. [2]


LifeCycle UK started life as Project Bike in 1996. [3]

In September 2009 its Director left the company to pursue his academic interests. [4]

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