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InfoMapper ViewFinder

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A screenshot of the Viewfinder Somerset portal. source

ViewFinder by InfoMapper provides schools with online travel survey and route mapping tools to enable the writing of School Travel Plans and to promote sustainable travel. It is produced by WebBased in association with the National Children's Bureau.



This product is aimed for use by individual schools and across whole Local Education Authorities (LEA's). It allows schools to undertake individual and group surveys, draw 'routes to school' using online maps and provides help in writing their School Travel Plan. LEA's can then aggregate all the data from participating schools within their jurisdiction and monitor their School Travel Plan's. It also allows teachers and Local School Travel Adviser's to upload and share teaching and learning resources.

Travel surveys

ViewFinder allows pupils to fill in online surveys relating to current method of travel to school, desired method of travel and how pupils can be encouraged to use sustainable transport. Surveys are automatically aggregated to be viewable at a class, school, LEA or national level.

'Route to school' maps

ViewFinder also provides online maps that can be edited by pupils to show their route from home to school. It allows the route to be drawn in a click-and-drag line which can then be marked at significant points with text or photos. This data can also be aggregated so that the school and LEA can see all the routes to a particular school on a map and the method of transport used.

School Travel Plans

The results of the surveys and mapping can then be used in an online tool that provides structured help for teachers in writing a School Travel Plan.


ViewFinder is produced under the InfoMapper brand by WebBased a business specialising in online systems and tools for use in the education sector. It has been created in partnership with the National Children's Bureau, a charitable organisation that works as an umbrella body for organisations working with children and young people throughout England & Northern Ireland.


ViewFinder has been used by individual schools for a number of years. In 2007 it was taken onboard for use by Somerset LEA and has since been widely used in the Local Authority, particularly in primary schools.

Survey Response

The InfoMapper ViewFinder Sept 2006 - Aug 2007 School Travel Survey recieved 3334 responses from 13 schools in the UK.

The Sept 2007 - Aug 2008 survey grew to include 75 schools and recieved 14101 responses.

By 2009.02.10 the Sept 2008 - Aug 2009 survey had already exceded this with 17876 responses from 115 schools in the UK.


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