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PARK(ing) Photo:(C) mrmichaelwill. Reproduced with permission.

The Ideas in Transit Innovation portal gives details of many of the best user-led innovations coming to the transport sector; with over 200 innovations from more than 20 countries. All of them use powerful accessible information processing and communication tools and are likely to affect how we travel and how we understand space in the future and will be useful to policy makes, innovators and academics alike.

Ideas in Transit, is a unique five-year collaboration between Government, Commercial and Academic partners and will influence intelligent transport decisions at policy, social, personal and commercial levels. To stay up to date subscribe to our Blog and check the Events page.

What's new

April 2012: Into the last year of the research project, work is underway to see where the innovations within these hallowed halls have taken themselves. The portal's newest updates and changes can be seen at Recent changes.

Featured Innovation

BristolStreets is a site that has grown from a single person's interest in promoting better transport in Bristol to a project with a large user base that is in direct talks with Bristol City Council. See Featured Innovations and Featured innovation proposals.


We have documented a wide range of innovations. Here are some popular categories and examples of innovations:

Request an article

If you have found an innovation that you believe should be included in the Ideas in Transit wiki but dont have the time to create an article for it yourself then you can easily add a link on the Requested articles page.

Other related wikis

Here are some of the other wikis we have identified that are also collecting information about projects about user-led transport innovation. It is our intention to work more closely with these projects over time and avoid duplication.

  • Headway wiki An index of transit agencies and the third-party websites that provide information about them

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