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Green Map

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Part of the Bristol Green Map. source

Green Maps are locally created environmentally themed maps which use a universal symbol set to plot the locations of a community's natural, cultural and sustainable resources.



Green Map provides information and support to local communities to create map guides to sustainable living in their area. Green Maps provides a format and collaboratively designed symbol set to create maps including sustainable resources such as recycling centers, heritage sites, community gardens, toxic waste sites and socially conscious businesses. The principle aim of a Green Map is to inform a community of their surrounding natural and built environment to encourage sustainable living.

Green Apple Map

Green Maps grew from a movement in New York, which still receives the majority of its focus under the name "Green Apple Map". It produces ready to print pdf maps of New York highlighting various "green" projects and initiatives. On occasions such as Earth Day paper and poster versions are also available. [1]


The first Green Map was created for New York in 1992. With a global, online, presence since 1995; the current was re-launched in 2007. The number of participating communities has grown steadily over the years and now covers over 500 cities, towns and villages in 54 countries. [2] In 2010 Open Green Map went mobile with dedicated app on iPhone, and a mobile device optimised web service.

Future developments

Screenshot of the Open Green Map. source

In autumn 2008 Green Maps launched their new project: Open Green Maps, an online interactive and user editable map of sustainability sites, pathways and resources. Open Green Maps allows users to create an online version of the original Green Maps but at much lower cost and with wider community contribution and more up to date information.

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