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Google transit

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A screenshot of the Google Transit homepage. source

Google Transit is a journey planner provided by Google using their Google Maps product.



A free journey planner integrated into Google Maps that allows people to plan public transport trips in any place where the authority provides data in an appropriate form as well as trips by car and walking.

The data standand used to import into Google Transit, 'Google Transit Feed Specification' (or GTFS) is open standard and is used by other projects.


Google Transit was started as a '20% time project' by a number of engineers in Google including Joe Hughes in San Francisco and others in New York and in Zurich. It then became a 'Labs' project in 2005[1] and 'graduated' a year later to become a full Google product.[2] The Transit product has an enthusiastic user-base some of whom are mashing their own product offerings around what is available. Joe Hughes also started the Headway wiki and associated Blog.

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