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Google Latitude

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Google Latitude is a location sharing application which can collect your location in real time from gps units in phones, IP address and triangulation via phone and wireless masts.



With Google Latitude the user selects people to share their location data with, as well as the level of accuracy of the shared data. Users have three level of data collection to choose from: automatic, manual and none. Automatic is when Google Latitude works out your location from the technological avenues open to it. Manual allows the user to select where their displayed location is, allowing the user to "lie" to the application. None means that your location is not collected.

In response to worry about the issues that could arise from collecting peoples' location data, Google released a statement saying that only current location is taken and there is no location history. [1]

Google Latitude is compatible with most mobile devices including Symbian, iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids.


Google Latitude was released in 2009, and has generated controversy over the amount of data Google has about its users. [2]

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