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Geomob is a London based meet up for people with an interest in geo/mobile technologies.



Every few months Geomob organises a meet up in London for interested individuals. Talks are given by and too innovative people about the state of the geo/mobile technology field.

Geomob is a social event with networking being a primary aim as people talk to people with similar interests to solve problems and create new ideas within the field.

Geomob has had a selection of knowledgeable speakers, from Google employees to internet entrepreneurs with each giving thought provoking talks on the state and future of Geo-mobile technologies.


Geomob is the London based child of WebMapSocial, a group for people interested in geospatial and social technologies.

The first Geomob meet up took place at Google's London offices in Victoria on the 27th November 2008.

The next Geomob meet up is set for the January 21 2010, with attendees to RSVP on their site; furthermore due to the success of Geomob, Geomob North has been concocted and is due for its first event in February.

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