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A screenshot of the Geluidsnet aircraft sound pollution map. source

Geluidsnet (translation: Soundnet) is a Netherlands based project that measures the sound pollution caused by aircraft and displays this data in real-time on a map.



Geluidsnet create and install unmanned noise meters throughout the Netherlands which continuously transmit their measurements to a central database. These meters are also used are used to monitor a wide range of other environmental indicators such as air quality, temperature, humidity and wind speed. These measurement are then compared with data received from aircraft beacons that provides information such as location and altitude.

This allows for a visual representation to be created of the impact passing aircraft can have in different areas, which is provided in real time on the Geluidsnet website.


Geluidsnet was founded in 2003, by the end of 2004 33 measuring stations were in place and in 2005 the project was taken on by ten different local authorities. By the end of 2006 45 stations had been set up around the Netherlands and Geluidsnet and formed collaboration with consulting engineers from DGMR to create an upgraded version of the measuring station.

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