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A section of the Freemap map. source

Freemap combines OpenStreetMap data with photographs from Geograph plus user added information to create a comprehensive map of the central southern England countryside.



The Freemap project enables interactive annotation of maps of the central southern England countryside. It allows online users to add walking routes, upload photos, and mark points of interest such as pubs and viewpoints over an OpenStreetMap base. On the highest zoom viewing of the map it incorperates the Geograph photo data, showing the location of each photo and a small preview.

Freemaps's own data is available for download to developers via a Freemap API.


The Freemap project was first developed and is currently maintained by Nick Whitelegg.


Freemap was originally a stand alone project, but it merged with OpenStreetMap following Nick's finding of OpenStreetMap.

Originally offering cover of most of the UK in March 2008 Freemap decided to decrease the area of mapping available to southern England. This was mainly due to server resource limitations and a desire to provide a fast service for a smaller area over a slower service for a larger one. If outside support of the service could be found then plans to expand the service over a larger area would be initiated.

Swansea University provided Freemap with a server, so it now covers all of mainland Britain and the Isle of Mann.


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