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FlightRadar24's logo

FlightRadar24 is a flight tracker. It overlays the data it collects onto a Google Maps map.



FlightRadar24 is connected to 100 ADS-B receivers about the world which collect the data from ADS-B transmitters, which about 60% of modern commercial flights are equipped with. Only flights within range of the receivers are shown on the map. All data that FlightRadar24 collects is able to be reused provided it is attributed to FlightRadar24.

The majority of FlightRadar24's coverage is in Europe, but it has some receivers in other continents.

FlightRadar24 is run by Flight24, a plane ticket buying website.


FlightRadar24 launched in 2007 with coverage of northern and central Europe.

In 2009 it opened its network to accepts ADS-B information from receivers everywhere, from then it has grown to have coverage over most of Europe.


The data that FlightRadar24 has collected was used across the media reporting on the Eyjafjallajökull Ash Cloud in April 2010. [1] [2]

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