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FixMyTransport is a public service website from mySociety.



FixMyTransport is one of the website run by mySociety that aims to help democracy and put the proles in touch with the people who matter. It seeks to cut through the multiple levels of searching and 'customer support' that exist between finding a problem and reporting it to someone who can start to do something about it at the relevant organisation. Due to the way transport works, and how domains are assigned seemingly at random between Operators and Local Authorities this can be a prohibitivley large hurdle for many people who would otherwise report issues, and thus help create a well maintained public transport system.

A mobile version, FixMyTransport - Anywhere!, is also being created, funded in part by GeoVation prize money. The mobile app will be a location aware service on both iPhone and Android as well as a mobile web app. FixMyTransport - Anywhere! is due to release after the main FixMyTransport service. [1]


FixMyTransport was announced in early 2010, and is currently headed for a release in sumer 2011. [2]

FixMyTransport entered the 2010-2011 GeoVation contest: "How can we improve transport in Britain"; to seek funding for FixMyTransport - Anywhere!, its mobile counterpart, as transport problems are most often encountered when out of the house and away from a computer. FixMyTransport's GeoVation entry won £27,000 of funding. [3]

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