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A FillThatHole map of a road hazard in Herefordshire. source

FillThatHole is a project run by CTC that enables members of the public to easily report road hazards, such as potholes, to their local authority.



FillThatHole allows people to pinpoint a problem with a road surface on a map, along with submitting a written description and photo of the issue. These are then automatically submitted to the relevant local authority who are required to fix them once notified. The main aim of the scheme is to make roads safer for cyclists, as potholes and road defects can comprise up to 27% of compensation claims from CTC members.[1] Due to the data available FillThatHole does not always know the correct authority for roads where each side is in a different local authority.

A similar project was run at ClearThatTrail for reporting off-road hazards on right-of-ways, but this site was shut down on 15 April 2009.


The FillThatHole project is run by CTC, the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation. It received its first hazard report in January 2007 and to date (2012.04.2) the site has received 65,696 reports of hazards.

In 2011, FillThatHole and Aggregate Industries worked together to create an iPhone app

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