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Available property within 0.25 miles of stations on the Seattle Link Light Rail line.

Estately is a property search website that allows users to look for property under different transport options.



As well as having the standard property search options such as location, price, size etc. Estately also allows users to search for property by distance from public transport routes. Users can even specify the rail or bus route for the property to be near to. All property that fits the search criteria is displayed on a Google map.[1]

Users can also search for property by its walkability score.[2]

Estately used to offer a "white label" version of their service for other real estate sites to embed, however this service was discontinued in late 2011.


Estately was founded by Galen Ward and Doug Cole in 2006.[3] It was designed to be an antidote to the confusing and wealth filled real estate industry.

In 2008 Estately was named "Most Innovative Real Estate Web Service" by Inman News.[4]

Following a stop of expansion in summer of 2009, Estately has once again been expanding its coverage to new areas.[5] Estately has expanded to now offer its services in 12 U.S. states.

After ending their white label service, one of their former customers, Sutton West Coast; the largest estate agent in Canada, in late 2011 Estately found Sutton West Coast to be using their intellectual property; namely their web service which had been reversed engineered from the front end. A cease and desist letter was sent in early April.[6][7] This matter is still ongoing.

2012 Impact

Estately is expanding its territory. It's retraction of its white label service is probably due to plans to expand further in the near future. They are still USA focused, and have plenty of territory to expand to there before expanding overseas. They are currently engaged in legal wrangling with a large Canadian estate agent. Despite that it looks as if Estately will continue to develop and expand.

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