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Emotion map

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Emotion Maps were created by Christian Nold, as an academic art research project. [1]



Emotion Maps are created by equipping a being with a GPS unit and a galvanic skin response recorder; a person's galvanic skin response changes depending on their emotional state and is used in lie detectors. Using these a map of a person's emotional response is created. Emotion maps then ascribe the mood changes to a persons surroundings, with the maps annotated, by those who used the equipment, to what triggered the emotional change and what the emotional change was. [2]


Since its inception in 2004, there have been over 2000 users of the bio-mapping device, with maps created for more than 25 cities including Paris, San Francisco and London.

In the least few years Christian Nold has been unhappy with uses of bio-mapping and emotion maps, and has copyrighted and trademarked the concept and machine. [3]

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