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ecorio, formerly known as eco2go, is an Andriod app developed by a small group of Canadians. It aims to help users reduce their carbon footprint by recommending public transport, finding car shares and ultimately encouraging those who drive to do so in a more environmentally friendly manner.



When entering a journey into ecorio, it calculates any public transport methods to reach your destination as well as car sharing options for the journey, using Google Transit. It calculates the carbon footprint of the journeys you take, with the amount of carbon tallied depending on mode of transport.

Your estimated annual carbon emissions are calculated and comapred to the average American's annual emissions. The ability to purchase carbon offsets from within the app, such as investment in green energy production. [1]

ecorio was a free to use and download app, it is crrently not on the Andriod Marketplace though a note on their website tells visitors that they are working on exciting new developments.


ecorio won a sum of money to aid its development in the Google Andriod Developer Challenge.

It was released to the public around early 2008 under the name Eco2Go, which was changed to ecorio in mid 2008. [2]

ecorio has been mentioned in a large selection of publications including Time Magazine, Silicon Alley Insider and Business Week among others as well as some local radio stations. [3]

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