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Dual Maps

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A Dual Maps created map of central Bristol. source

Dual Maps enables users to create embeddable maps combining Google Maps, Google Street View and Microsoft Virtual Earth.



Maps can be generated from coordinates, an address or a map link from Google Maps. Users can then customise a number of aspects including map size, map style and marker type. A three way map is then generated displaying the users chosen location in Google Maps road view, Google Street View and Microsoft Virtual Earth. An html code is also generated to allow the embedding of the map.

The embedded script has been written to be easily editable by anyone taking it from the site, and Dual Maps details the parameters that can be changed and what they control. It also says it is possible to have a Dual Map on a site to view locations pulled from a database.

Dual Maps is one of the many products available from Map Channels.


Dual Maps is currently in its third version. Version 1 was released 12th March, 2008, Version 2 on 26th March, 2008 and Version 3 on 10th April, 2009.

The current version, version 4, was released on 7th November, 2011.[1]

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  1. Mapchannels - Dual Maps preview
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