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DriveGain logo

DriveGain is a mobile phone app designed to help increase fuel efficiency.



DriveGain in action

DriveGain uses GPS, simulations and knowledge of the type of car that is being driven to work out the fuel efficiency of the users driving. It then displays recommended gear and speed. It also gives audio feedback of the recommended changes to the users driving. [1] DriveGain can run in the background allowing it to collect a user's driving data while they are using another application, such as a sat-nav.

The app was written in C++ meaning that it can run on most systems without much hassle or fiddling, which is a fact that the developers plan to use as releasing DriveGain on other mobile platforms was something that was considered while it was in development. [1] Currently DriveGain is only on Apple mobile devices.

Users can input petrol costs, which are uploaded back to the site, creating a data set of petrol prices.


Simon East, formerly of Symbian and Dr. Phil Dixon with a history of car simulation and F1 racing are the main people behind this product.


DriveGain is the first product released by a "bootstrapped" company of the same name.

On 26 September 2011 DriveGain 2.0 was released.[2]

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