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A screenshot of the Dopplr London travel page. source

Dopplr is a free online social networking site that allows users share travel plans with friends and colleagues.



Users enter details of their travel plan itineraries, or import their online calendars, which are made available to chosen friends and colleagues. The site will then highlight any correlations with their contacts travel plans in order to arrange meetings at any point on their journey. Other features include allowing the user to calculate the carbon footprint their journeys have produced, and taking into account places users have visited before.

Major locations such as London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Istanbul have their own travel pages. Here users can post information such as good places to stay, visit and eat at.

Information from Google calendar and the Apple iCal calendar can be imported into Dopplr. It is also accessible via mobile phones and API's are available for use in Facebook and personal websites.

Dopplr makes use of data from Geonames, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, to produce locations.[1]


Orginally available only to selected global companies, Dopplr opened to general access in December 2007. Dopplr is currently lead by co-founders CEO Marko Ahtisaari, CTO Matt Biddulph and Design Director Matt Jones.

In September 2009 Dopplr announced that it had been purchased by Nokia. The price has not been confirmed other than being less than $22 million (US). [2] It is estimated at being $20 million.[3]

Since its acquisition by Nokia, users have fallen and Dopplr is no longer being actively developed.[3]

Future developments

It is intended in the future for users to be able to import information from Microsoft Outlook into Dopplr.[4]

2012 Status

Dopplr is no longer an actively supported product, and its users have drastically fallen. Nokia is unwilling to comment further on the issue of Dopplr.

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