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Digital Urban

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A screenshot of the Digital Urban blog. source

Digital Urban is an online blog that covers the work of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in the fields of digital cities and visualisation.



The Digital Urban blog is aimed at providing examples of the latest research in city visualization. Topics include Panoramic Imaging, 3D Modeling, Google Earth/Maps and Pixel Art.


Digital Urban is written by Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith focusing on the work of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA).

CASA is a research centre initiative at University College London. It specialises in computer-based methods such as GIS, urban simulation, mapping, visualisation, and CAD in cities and regions. Its focus is on developing models and methods for urban and regional planning, environmental policy, settlement analysis, transportation, and public participation. Their work concentrates on using computers to visualise the understanding and design of cities. It is pioneering state-of-the-art methods involving computing, complexity theory, and simulation in these fields.[1]

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