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DIYcity provides a site where people can discuss, plan and build tools for making their cities work better with web technologies. It currently has local groups in more than 50 cities around the world.[1]



DIYcity aims to develop web applications that will help improve cities by using open data in free, decentralized, open source tools, that actively engages residents not only as users but as participants and owners of the system.[2]

DIYcity focuses on three key areas:

  • discussions, where people exchange thoughts and come up with ideas for products
  • design, where people apply these discussions into actual products
  • development, where teams of programmers build and launch DIYcity products [1]

DIY Challenges are held periodically to focus discussion and design into specific key areas.[3] Local groups are also used to focus on local issues that may not be relevant to the wider project.

Many of the projects involve transport within cities, such as the DIYtraffic realtime traffic alerts which is currently in beta release, but also include projects on other themes such as SickCity a realtime disease detection application for individual cities.


Launched in 2008, by April 2009 there were groups in 50 locations in USA, Europe and Asia.[1]

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