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Cyclopath is an open-source cycle routing web service. It weights the routing by both general user ratings and your own preferences.




Cyclopath covers the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Twin City region. It has the terrain of the region mapped with an editable street-map on top. The street-map was designed with user comments in mind. Tags and user comments are both used in the routing of journeys, with the loading screen encouraging users to add more that they feel are appropriate.


GroupLens, a computer science team at the University of Minnesota, is the main driving force behind Cyclopath.

The (US) National Science Foundation has provided some funding for Cyclopath.


Cyclopath was released in May 2008. [1] User ratings and comments went live later that year.


Cyclopath is also a research platform, and has shown that its 10,000+ user edits have reduced the average journey length of its users by 1km. [2]

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  2. Eliciting and Focusing Geographic Volunteer Work -
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