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Cycle Hire Widget for Android

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Cycle Hire Widget for Android is a real time status reporter for the hire stations of various cycle hire schemes around the world. It reports the number of free slots and bikes, as well as location, at each hire station.



The app covers 32 cities around the world, offering routes to hire points as well as letting you know how many free slots and bikes are at each point. Users can request directions to a Hire Station as well as add stations to a list of favourites, or exclude them from the map and list views to personalise their experience.

Cycle Hire Widget for Android was a featured app in the Android Marketplace both in the free apps category as well as on the front page. [1]


The app was created by Little Fluffy Toys Ltd. A small, young company that specialises in Android apps. They create their own apps, as well as act as consultants for other people or companies.


28 July 2010 - Cycle Hire Widget was released.

30 July 2010 - Grand opening of Barclay's London Cycle Hire scheme, Cycle Hire Widget update at 10am that same day featured real time bike and slot availability tracking. [2]

04 August 2010 - Little Fluffy Toys Ltd and Cycle Hire Widget are featured on the Google App Engine Blog as a great success story of an Android app. [3]

06 August 2010 - Cycle Hire finds a way to ensure only correct TfL data in pulled into the app. [4]

10 August 2010 - Cycle Hire Widget is featured on the front page of the Android Marketplace. [1]


Cycle Hire Widget for Android was released on the same morning as the cycle hire scheme opened. It found a workaround to the fact that half of the time the official TfL data was wrong and actually provided a more reliable, upto date, service than official channels as well as other cycle hire apps. [4]

Cycle Hire Widget has been covered across the media as an example of a great app, and its release comping out in time for the start of the Barclay's London Cycle Hire Scheme. Following their success with the London Cycle Hire, the widget has gone global and now supports many cycle hire schemes around the world.[5]

2012 Status

The app has seen less attention over the last year, though support and updates are still released. But beyond ongoing support changes should not be expected. It is the best reviewed, and most downloaded, cycle hire app on Google Play.

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