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Crisis Mappers net

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Crisis Mappers net is the internet hub of a group of people who aim to use the new wave of communications and digital technology to bring new methods of responding to humanitarian crises. There are close links to Ushahidi.



Crisis Mappers was launched in October 2009, during the first International Conference of Crisis Mapping, as part of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. [1]

Since then Crisis Mappers have been involved in mapping and GIS responses to the Haitian Earthquake and the Shkodra flood in Albania. [2]


Crisis Mappers has been encouraging links between emergency services and the individual crisis mappers.

Following their email list ones sees the variety of work Crisis Mappers does over the course of a humanitarian crisis, from creating new maps to reflect the conditions on the ground to locating fuel and areas where aid is required. Crisis Mappers were able to send aid to those who contacted them via a SMS text message. [3]

2012 Status

Crisis Mappers is going strong. It has over 3,500 members, and has operated in almost every country in the world. It became better known after providing help in the response to the Haitian earthquake and Japan tsunami in 2011. However worries about the use of crisis maps in man-made danger zones has fraught the organisation since the Taliban threatened aid workers in Pakistan following the floods in 2011.[4]

Their webinars and conferences on crisis mapping still run.

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