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Crashstat allows New Yorkers to see pedestrian and cyclist crashes in every neighborhood, enabling them to back up their first-hand experience of dangerous streets with comprehensive hard data.



Crashstat closeup.png

The site offers a pannable and zoomable map of New York over which one can show pedestrian and cyclist injurues and deaths over any period from 1995 to 2005. Black surrounded people are pedestrian traffic fatalities in the period 1995-2005. Blue blobs of different sizes show pedestrian injuries from traffic with big blobs representating 16 separate injuries. The clarity of the imagery is intended to lead to safer streets. The close up image below shows the locations of school and other amenity buildings.


The project was started in 2004 by Transportation Alternatives. The Crashstat project has since had a large overhaul of its layout, and offers greater control of how much data is displayed.


In March 2009 the UK Government released data for cycle crashes/accidents/incidents in the UK although the authors of this wiki are not aware of a direct connection between the two initiatives.

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