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Courier exchange

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Courier Exchange is an online resource that aims to maximise the use of vehicle space by matching loads across courier companies. The service enables: searching for goods to move; searching for return journeys; electronic payment; an interactive map search; load matching; mobile access; the ability to text your driver; and accreditation/star ratings for registered couriers.



Courier Exchange is an online resource that aims to maximise the use of vehicle space by matching loads across courier companies. It has invested resources into its CX mobile system which operates via wireless-enabled devices and provides functions such as real-time electronic signature capture and proof of delivery. The mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android, allows for real time updating of the website and can alert drivers or being near requests for a courier on the website. [1]

Courier Exchange has a subscription fee for its use, but there are no further charges or commissions.[2]

From its origins in the UK, Courier Exchange has expanded to offer its services across the EU and the USA.[3]


The founder of the service is Lyall Cresswell [4]. Cresswell ran his own courier business, Mailpack Worldwide, in the 1990s which he eventually sold to Seabourne Express, hence he understood the culture of the industry from the inside [5].

Its success ultimately depends upon its membership and the posting of loads to be moved and 'spaces' to be filled. Courier Exchange has a strong user community, which is facilitated through a number of chat forums.


The service emerged alongside other UK-base online freight exchanges during the 2000 dotcom boom and is one of the few survivors [4]. The motivation behind the service is to avoid empty vehicles going to/from jobs and thus maximise profits for those involved. As of June 2008, the website states that 2,500 businesses are registered with the service and claims that it is the world's largest neutral trading hub for the same-day courier and express freight exchange industry. Income was initially generated by advertising revenue but is now from flat-rate subscriptions

Lyall Cresswell, acknowledges that prior to Courier Exchange, successful couriers would build up their own networks of contacts all over the country, and usually had a pretty good idea who to phone if they need a back-load, so the concept itself wasn't a new one. However, the online service enabled companies to engage in a wider network and a bigger picture that was not available from phone calls alone, and is now available in a single source [5].

In April 2012 it was revealed that Contractor Management Services (CMS), a leading independent contractor management service in the USA. The partnership will save the independent contractors with CMS money, while providing more customers and loads to carry to Courier Exchange.[6]

Its sister site, 'Haulage Exchange', was launched in 2006 and provides a similar service for freight exchange for the 7.5Tonne market & beyond, with 500 registered members.


The motivation for the service is maximising profits for the courier industry. As a side-benefit for the transport-system as a whole, Courier Exchange also has the potential to reduce vehicle miles travelled by maximising the load per vehicle.

2012 Status

Courier Exchange is growing; it now provides its services across Europe and the US. It appears to have kept its head down, and slowly expanded. Package bookings increased by 23% over last year and the service now has over 3,500 active users.[7] With a string of recent partnerships and the new mobile apps, Courier Exchange looks to be in a strong position.

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