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Commute Map

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Commute Map map for Los Angeles

Commute Map takes the commute results of Census Transport Planing Package 2000 and plots it onto a Google Map by zip code. It shows commute time as well as destination and departure point. [1]



Commute Map takes user input of a zip code and a choice of commutes to or from that area, and then plots the results onto a Google Map. The data is from a section of the USA 2000 census. The travel time is calculated by the Google Maps API as car journeys in off peak time, the creator has acknowledged this as something that skews results slightly. [1]


Commute Map was created by Harry Kao, an engineer and visual designer, after reading a book claiming that commute times have, and will continue, to remain around the 30 minute mark and that transport developments only increase distance to work. Commute Map was crated to compare commute times to this 30 minute mark, as well as national variations.

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