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Cloud Made Style editor

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CloudMade map style editor. source

The Style Editor tool from Cloud Made allows users to create customised map styles using verified OpenStreetMap data.



A screenshot of the Cloud Made style editor displaying the Cloud Made generated map style entitled 'Midnight Commander'. source
A screenshot of the Cloud Made style editor displaying the community generated map style entitled 'Bikeways'. source

The Style Editor gives users control over the look and feel of the maps. Users can change the colouration of map feature and control the dominance of objects such as roads, footpaths, buildings, lakes etc. Users are able to completely design new map styles or edit a number of pre-generated style depending on what effect they want from the map.

Generated maps can be exported as a file or shared using an HTML coded frame.


The Style Editor was released for closed beta in early 2009 with the intention for general release to be made in the near future.

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