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Cloud Made

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CloudMadeprovide commercial services based on OpenStreetMap mapping data including customised map styles and routing.



The CloudMade Nestoria application. source
CloudMade map style editor.source

They offer a range of products for the integration of maps into mobile and web-based applications based on OpenStreetMap data. Services are available to registered users.

Products[1] include:

  • Routing delivers turn-by-turn directions across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Geocoding and geosearch
  • iPhone maps library
  • Style editor

The routing service allows users to build turn-by-turn routing into their applicaitons.

The iPhone maps application allows users to access interactive mapping from an iPhone.

The Style editor tool allows users to customise map styles giving choice over such options as feature colour and feature dominance at different zoom levels that can then be exported as a file or shared using an HTML coded frame.


CloudMade was founded by Steve Coast and Nick Black in 2007 who had also both closely involved with the early days of OpenStreetMap. Cloudmade received 2.4 million euro venture capital investment in March 2007. Since then they have been developing applications and also employs a number of 'mapping ambassadors' in the USA to encourage more mapping contributions there and in the UK.

Future developments

Further product releases can be expected.

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