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A ClearThatTrail map of obstruction in Sommerset. source

ClearThatTrail was a project run by CTC that enabled members of the public to easily report off-road hazards on rights of way, such as fallen logs and overgrown vegetation, to their local authority.



ClearThatTrail allowed people to pinpoint a problem with a right of way on a map, along with submitting a written description and photo of the hazard. These were then semi-automatically submitted to the relevant local authority who are required to resolve them once notified. The main aim of the scheme was to make rights of way safer for cyclists but it was also starting to be used by walkers for reporting hazards on public footpaths.

A similar project is still run at FillThatHole for the reporting of road hazards.


The ClearThatTrail project was run by CTC, the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation. It received its first hazard report in January 2007 and to date (2009.02.10) the site had recieved 721 reports of obstructions found.

Sadly the time and effort required to maintain this site, compared to the number of reports, has meant that this site is no longer maintained, as from 15 April 2009. The on-road sister site, FillThatHole, is still being actively developed and maintained.

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