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City-Go-Round is a website that acts as a repository for transport apps, it also aims to get more open data from transport agencies.



City-Go-Round is a searchable list of applications and websites dealing with transport, at release it only had public transport applications, but since then has expanded to include cycling, walking and car apps. Other than the focus on transport there is no restriction on the app type. Current apps range from real-time information feeds for buses and trains to augmented reality showing transit stops. [1]

The transit data is collected from the GTFS Data Exchange, and lists all US transport authorities who have not released their data via GTFS.

City-Go-Round is an open source website, and has released their code on github.

City-Go-Round is petitioning US transport authorities than have not released their data to do so, with a petition on the front page of their site.


City-Go-Round was released on 10 December 2009 by Front Seat, the company responsible for Walk score. [2]

External Links

City-Go-Round website

City-Go-Round code - github


  1. About - City-Go-Round
  2. First Searchable Directory of Transit Apps Launces - Front
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