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Chris's British Road Directory

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A screenshot of a page in the CBRD motorway database. source

Chris's British Road Directory (CBRD) is a large user-contributed database of information about the UK's roads.



CBRD is dedicated to the study of the road network of the UK. It includes information on many road related topics including: information, maps and pictures of all motorways and many other roads in the UK; historical accounts and details of future construction and improvements; information on the people behind the modern road network and links to road related websites. A CGI simulator program is also available that allows users to travel along a number of recreated roads in the road network.


CBRD was started in 2001 by Chris Marshall, a roads enthusiast, who still maintains the site and has since had many contributions from its users.

2012 Status

Though not the only UK road reference site, CBRD is the largest. It is a reference resource used by many respected institutions such as the BBC and the RAC.[1] Though the media appearances appear to have slackened off since 2008, Chris and his website saw themselves a spate of media attention in the mid 00s.[2]

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