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Chiki.png used to provide train commuters with greater visibility of what has been happening on their route - allowing them to make better decisions regarding when to travel. It periodically shared recorded information with it's users - ensuring compensation claims are not forgotten about.



Chiki introduced an innovative system that allows commuters to easily register, track and report on the train journeys they are making - whilst they are making them.

This information is then shared instantly with others (via a Live Display) - allowing us all to make better decisions regarding when to travel.

Additionally, anyone who helps to "join the dots" receive's a twice monthly report of all recorded journeys - useful if you are due compensation for a delayed journey that you had forgotten to claim for.

It was originally available for passengers of National Express East Anglia Main Line.


Chiki was been developed and maintained by a regular commuter who has become frustrated with the Operators own reporting systems - as they don't provide the means to view historical information and therefore anticipate likely delays.

It has apparently since closely down and the domain is being reused for another purpose.


This system was an example of how by working together (yet in isolation) we can help build a bigger picture and make a positive difference to others in their daily commute.

Additionally, to encourage people to get involved - as the value added by this service is dependent its user uptake - every 3 months Chiki will highlight 2 charities which will become the focus of their support.

Whenever it's users help to "join the dots", resulting in a completed journey, Chiki will add 5p to a charity pot.

NOTE: Where a journey is only partially completed, they add the corresponding proportional amount to the charity pot.

At the end of each 3 month period this charity pot is then split between the charities they have been supporting. [1]

2012 Status

The service appears to have ended, and is no longer available.

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