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A screenshot of the Carticipate frontpage. source

Carticipate is an application that uses the iPhone and Facebook to facilitate ride sharing.



Carticipate is a social network for ridesharing and carpooling available on the iPhone and Facebook which takes advantage of the location based services on the iPhone and matches riders and drives in the users local area. It enables a new dynamic in how people coordinate and search for carpool and ride share partners.


Steffen Frost, CEO founded a number of hi-tech semiconductor businesses prior to starting Carticipate. Julian Gay, CTO - Julian is a degree qualified engineer with 12+ years of software and web development experience. Blain Hamon, software engineer is a degree qualified programmer from Santa Clara University.


Carticipate is a San Francisco based software company focused on developing mobile social networking software for rideshare and carpool applications. The company was founded in May 2008 and has released Carticipate on the iPhone and Facebook. In early 2009, Carticipate also released Indalo which is a Public Asynchronous Location Based Chat client on the iPhone, a technology developed for and to integrated soon into Carticipate. The company currently is focused on developing a customer base for their rideshare solution for the enterprise.


Carticipate has been released in 79 countries and has been translated into 5 languages, and as of February 2009 is approaching 20,000 downloads of their application on Apple's App Store.

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