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Car Free Walks

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CarFreeWalks promotes leisure walking that is accessible by public transport and has a reduced environmental impact. It encourages users to discover new walking routes that are accessible without using a car and to add these routes to the website so other users can view them.



The Car Free Walks website allows users to search for a walk by location, duration and type of walk. Walks are displayed with a brief description, location, and other information and are viewable on a Google Maps base with waypoints, and their coordinates, displayed. Car Free Walks has teamed up with the National Trust to promote reaching National Trust sites without using a car. Users are also able to add comments and rate the walk. Registered users are able to add new car free walks to the site.


In 2009 Car Free Walks was shortlisted in the national eWell-being awards. They were also "highly commended" in the "best green campaigner" category of the 2009 Green Awards.

In 2010 the site relaunched with a new look, and increased users.[1]

Some of those involved in the site have been asked to find and write walks for South Somerset Council.[2]

Car Free Walks won the Responsible Travel Award in the 2012 PEA awards.[3]

2012 Status

The site looks to be going strong. It has quarterly prizes in an attempt to secure more walk submissions, the prizes are submitted by sponsors of the innovation (such as Visit Wales).[4] The team responsible for the site have published articles on relevant topics, including an ongoing column on car free walks. The innovation has been awarded a selection of awards.[5]

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